John Brown’s Weekly News Article: 2017 12 20

A pessimist might say “There is no opportunity to enjoy shuffling during these Holiday weeks”. We admit the Southwest Coast District sanctioned tournament schedule is light until January 4, but shuffleboard opportunity abounds.

Bradenton Shuffle Club had Single/Mingles yesterday, December 18, for members not traveling to Clearwater or Lee County . Tonight, all are welcome at Golf Lakes at 6:30 for Single/Mingles, .25 from loser to winner, three draws played as doubles.
Trailer Estates is open to anybody at 6:15 Wednesday evening for a similar outing.
Friday, Dec. 22 at Golf Lakes, Single/Mingles at 9:00 a.m., arrive at 8:30, please.
And Friday, Dec. 29, “Jingle Single Mingles” at Bradenton, $5, bring lunch, cake dessert furnished, Registration 8-9 a.m. No charting.
Also note under “Upcoming”, Tues, Dec. 26, FL P-13 at Bradenton, and FL A-10 same day.
Dec. 11, FL P-11A at Ft. Pierce. Men Main: 1. Dave Minnich and partner. P-11B at Betmar. Men Main: 3. Dave Kudro and partner, 4. Jim Miller-Ron Nurnberger. Ladies Consolation: 3 Pam Nurnberger-Joyce Marquis.
Dec. 11, FL A-8A at Palmetto, State tournament for Amateurs, Any Doubles. Main: 1. Bill Bierema-Frank Marderosian, 2. Kay Lynn Duncan-Don Sprague, 3. Jim Clark-David Evenson, 4. Bill Fowler-Frank Robinson. Consolation: 1. Mo DeBruyne-Peter Aylen, 2. Ken and Carol Maxwell, 3. Dian Darrah-Charlotte Broda, 4. Martha Kaufman-Marlene Simpson.
Dec. 14, SWCD D-10 at Golf Lakes, Restricted to State Ams and Pros, Draw Doubles, M/L, 16 frames/75 points. Ladies Main: 1. Arlene McCague-Heather Godson, 2. Siggy Gudzus-Pat Tomko, 3. Linda Wallingford-Cheryl Putnam, 4. Erika Berg-Carol Lumsden. Consolation: 1. Margaret Hartzler-Evelyn White, 2. Kathy Laver-Adriana Cramton, 3. Charlotte Broda-Dian Darrah, 4. Ann Dirkse-Shirley Bootsma. Men Main: 1. George Godson-Ralph Lozano, 2. Phil Booher-John Mickle, 3 Dave Minnich-Bob Kendall, 4. Arnie Congdon-Jerry Stannard. Consolation: 1. Peter Berg-Jim Clark, 2. Dave Kudro-Darrel Blake, 3. Ken Laver-Terry Wright, 4. Gilbert Broadhead-Don Sprague.
Dec. 15, SWCD A-7 at Golf Lakes, Any Ams/Any Draw Doubles, 16 fr./75 points. Main: 1. Tony Souza-Bernie Broda, 2. David Evenson-Don Trottier, 3. Cau Huynh-Ron Timmerman, 4. Marilyn Rotman-Frank Marderosian. Consolation: 1. Rita Marderosian-Jim Lessard, 2. Carolyn Bailey-Karen Furnari, 3. Elaine Jarvis-Bill Bierema, 4. Salvatore Furnari-Janet Eisses.
Today is the second day of FL P-12A at Lee County, P-12B at Clearwater, Open Doubles, M/L, 75 points. Also second day of FL A-9 at Clearwater, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.
Next Tuesday, Dec. 26, FL P-13 at Bradenton, Open, M/L , Doubles, 75 points. Also Next Tuesday, Dec. 26, FL-A-10 at Bradenton, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.
Merry Christmas, Happy Shuffling.

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