P12A hosted by Lee County (State Tournament) Dec. 18th to 20th.

Bob Smith Speaks:  It was kinda fun watching 2 ex-state FSA Presidents compete for 1st in the main event. Carl Eby who doesn’t play state these days and Phil Rebholz who this season has 3 1st places out of 4 tournaments he has played. Phil teamed up with Ray Buck to win 1st Place and Carl had one of his fellow Riverwoods shuffler, Ron Hargis who will be a pro in the fall. Good battle but the 2 hall of famer came out on top. The consolation was won by Jim Miller and Clarence Gingerich.

The ladies division was won by Canadian shufflers Maureen Bryan and Dawn Hammond. Consolation was won by Helen Biaggi and Flo Kowalewski. The Southern District had 11 of 16 in both divisions. Go Southern District.

The results: men had 29 teams (up 2)
1st main Phil Rebholz – Ray Buck
2nd main Carl Eby – Ron Hargis
3rd main Jerry Holbrook – Steve Biaggi
4th main Jim Goodrich – Joe Cote          

1st con Clarence Gingerich – Jim Miller
2nd con John Gagneur – Tom Mason
3rd con Mike Fanning – Jack Norton
4th con Hank Hoekstra – Bob Conford

Ladies division had 14 teams (up 2)
1st main Maureen Bryan – Dawn Hammond
2nd main Linda McRae – Allie Enos
3rd main Nancy Sclafani – Pam Nurnberger
4th main Julianna Hogye – Joyce Smith

1st con Helen Biaggi – Flo Kowalewski
2nd con Scottie Keusch – Cecile Messier
3rd con Colleen Austin – Marietta Cobb
4th con Nancy Singleton – Cheryl Conkle

Tournament director Ed O’Neal

Sent along by Bob Smith with THANKS!!   2017 12 20

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