One Shuffling Wife is Proud of Her “Old Guy”!!!

Linda is Quietly Proud of Her “Old Guy” Happy Birthday Phil


After back to back State championships, people are remembering that Phil can be a formidable opponent. Gout in his feet and a heart attack have slowed Phil’s playing in recent years. However; in October, he and Bob Smith partnered for the tournament in Lee County. This was an important tournament because it gave Bob his first state championship to add to his record.

Phil missed playing for a month, partly because he lost his partner, Jeannie Andrews for two mixed doubles events. Then his old friend, Dave Minnich came to Fort Pierce where they have partnered in recent years. Phil and Dave used to play a lot of tournaments together until the FSA split the locations. As Earl Ball commented “old guys rule”, and Dave and Phil’s combined skills pulled them through to the championship.

The big thrill came this week when Phil and Ray Buck partnered at Lee County and won, thus giving Phil his back to back championships. Thanks to Bob, Dave, and Ray for being great partners.

We are happy when younger players become champions, but I am proud of my “old Guy”!!

Linda Rebholz  ((Thanks Linda for sharing some of “Your Happy Moments”!!))

Stan McCormack 2017 12 21

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2 Responses to One Shuffling Wife is Proud of Her “Old Guy”!!!

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Linda I’m proud of you for being proud.


  2. Tara Goldman says:

    Happy Birthday Hundson and beautiful wife. Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year

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