Earl Ball and Pauline Murphy, Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, won the St Cloud Central District Christmas Championship. They didn’t lose a game because Murphy was on her game taking Ball along for the ride.

This tournament at St Cloud was a modified format with the expectation of attracting a greater number of participants.  Earl said this: I went because I was curious as to how the alternate format was being played. It was 6 games of mingles/singles on the 1st day qualifying 16 Ams and 16 Pros. The 2nd day was Ams drawing each other and Pros drawing each other. The 1st match decided who was in main and who was in consolation.

On the 1st day I left at 3:40 and on the 2nd day I left at 2:40 after playing 3-2 game matches. There were 25 Pros and 22 Ams. It made for a good 2 day tournament that would have had too small a field normally. I can see small field District tournaments being played this way at the District level in the future. In the case of this tournament the District has played this way for a few years now because Christmas cuts into the players available and St Cloud is so difficult for the rest of the District to get to, that it draws small fields.

I foresee the tournament going to qualifying 8 Pros and 8 Ams that draw each other the 2nd day. Eliminating only a third of the field the 1st day seems low but it worked fine and everyone who qualified came back for the 2nd day.
Earl Ball.  2017 12 23.  For Complete Results: http://www.fsa-centraldistrict.org/Tournaments/CD10_Results.txt 


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