GREEN JACKET PLUS A WEEK; Earl Ball Reflects!! 2017 12 25


Earl Ball Speaks:  The Green Jacket Celebration and Presentation was quite the party. It was great to have Shufflers from around the State; Shufflers from other States,  and Shufflers from other Countries, all present to participate, to celebrate.

I certainly appreciated the effort made by everyone who attended and the many cards of Congratulations I received.  I’ve received e-mail from around the World. When you are the person living the story, you don’t realize what a mark you have made, what a mark you have left!!  I thank everyone I have come in contact with in the game, for being a part of my story. 

Now we move on from here! I expect to continue to play just as before, and we’ll see where the game takes me??

I’ll see you all on the courts; somewhere in the World.
Earl 12-24-2017   Earl has also provided this great summary of his career:  EarlBall1000PtCareerStory

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