Heard on the Courts by Kenny Offenther!! New Feature.

New Feature  by Kenny Offenther!!!  heard on the courts 6—in fort myers a male player kiddingly -I think– told his opponent after the latter made a great shot that he would be getting a colonoscopy w his cue if there was another great shot!—-

heard on the courts 7— after a well known player was disqualified from a state tournament for being late from the break-on his way out and dejected some kind player commented -“that lunch must have been great!!!”
stan earl gave me some historical shuffle info so I am going to do a new set of stuff for the shuffler and am calling it–did u know ?— here is the first did u know—at the beginning of tournament shuffleboard lag shots was used before the beginning of the first game to determine choice of color!

did you know ? 2— originally shuffleboard matches were decided when the winning party reached 50 not 75 points –did u know? 3—there was no money awarded in tournaments for many years— only trophies

If you have a comment, we will be pleased to see/hear it!!!  2017 12 29.

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