Ron Nurnberger Reports on Amateur Tournament A10

Ron Nurnberger Speaks:  Although the turnout was lite, four State Districts were represented at the host Bradenton Shuffle Club. One of the Southwest Coast District local clubs (Golf Lakes) players stole both first and second place. Pictured below from left to right is Frank Marderosian (who also directs the Wednesday Manatee League team for Golf Lakes) (2nd Place) and his partner Bill Bierema (second place). Taking first place is Charles Stannard (yes, Jerry’s brother!) and to his right, first place partner Dale Overzet.

SIDE NOTE: Golf Lakes has re-invented ‘Night Shuffleboard Under The Lights” every Tuesday evening in Bradenton. The turnout for this ‘fun’ evening has blossomed. Neighboring Trailer Estates Shuffle Club will also be using the same venue two Wednesday nights a month.

BRADENTON MILLENNIUM SOCIAL CLUB: Well into their second year, the ‘millenniums’ meet two Saturday nights a month (also under the lights) and ‘Party’ while they play! Thus, another growing group playing our favorite game.

PS: As Districts State-Wide work to bring new players into our great game, make sure you look at what is ‘popular” at the moment in your district and learn from it.

Reporting for the FSA, Ron Nurnberger.  Thanks Ron: Great Reporting!!! Stan 2017 12 29.

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