The Best of the Best Turnout at Bradenton – by Ron Nurnberger

Ron Nurnberger Speaks:  P13 Whenever there is a single site for a FSA tournament such as Bradenton this week, it brings together the ‘Best of the Best.’ This was no exception as a ‘Talent Laden’ cast descended onto the Bradenton courts for one of the most competitive tournaments of the 2017-2018 season.

OPEN LADIES DIVISION: One of the ‘Newest Dynamic Duo’ in Ladies Shuffleboard this season, Deb Norton and Julianna Hogye (shown on the right) bested veterans Helen Biaggi and Arlene Guirrini in the Finals. Precision and deft shooting high-lited this match.

OPEN MEN’S DIVISION: The Southwest District showcased 4 of its top players as (Hall of fame) partners (shown in middle) Jerry Everett and Dave Kudro (hereafter known as ‘Hairless’ & ‘Hairless) defeated Ron Nurnberger and Mike Marquis for First Place. Humility and Humor high-lited this finals event.

Reporting for the FSA, Ron Nurnberger. Posted 2017 12 29.  Stan

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