Ron Nurnberger Reports on Their JINGLE MINGLES

Ron Nurnberger Speaks: Recently, The Bradenton Shuffle Club had a thought! Let’s try something new that will be Fun, Attract Amateurs, and fill some of the ‘Holiday’ Shuffle Downtime from State & District Tournaments. Thus ‘JINGLE MINGLES’ was created. Today (Friday, Dec 29th), 6 /16 frame games (with great prize money) format and with separate Pro & Amateur Divisions drew 71 Players! 39 Pro’s and 32 Amateurs! It was ‘Festive & Friendly’ with much ‘Jabbing & Needling’ on the most Enjoyable Atmosphere (one of those—-u had to be there type humor!). Tournament Directors were Joyce Marquis & Pat Batdorff.
PS: The Free ‘Holiday Cupcakes’ May also have helped!,

PRO DIVISION: (left to right): Jim Bailey, 1st Place; John Brown, 4th; Gil Broadhead, 3rd; Tom Putnam, 7th; Hank Hoekstra, 8th; Cheryl Putnam, 10th;
John Roberson, 2nd; Bob Kendall, 9th; Not Pictured; Levi Miller, 6th & Bill Batdorff 9th.

AMATEUR DIVISION: (left to right): Jim Clark, 3rd Place; Jan Gandy, 5th; Norm Williams, 4th; Carol Maxwell, 2nd; Charles Stannard, 6th; Mike Collins, 1st; Larry Fowler, 7th; Helen Lunsford, 8th.


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