Results P14B Played in Clearwater, FL

While we in Sebring in Central FL were FREEZING to play P14A, those on the West Coast, Clearwater, were FREEZING to play P14B!!  

above: 1st. Earl Ball – Walt Shine
2nd. Michael Seyfer – Robert Robinson  

The West Coast Webmaster, Stan Bober, had this comment: “ We all darn near froze to death but luckily, made it out alive. Glen Peltier was really looking forward playing against Earl Ball & Walt Shine for position in the semi finals but Glen’s partner, Dave Minnich, had to tend to his wife ;as I understand, went to the hospital? Sadly, they had to forfeit.   Go here to see the COMPLETE RESULTS OF P14B: 
Sent along by WCD Webmaster Stan Bober.  2018 01 03.

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