Al Dronsfield reporting from the Northern District;

Al Dronsfield reporting from the Northern District;
It was a cold one in the Northern District this week only bringing out 16 teams into the ice box. People showed up in all their winter apparel.
Stan Williamson dress up in his black garbs and black hooded sweatshirt, it was like Halloween he looked like the Grim Reaper, most others were unrecognizable with faces covered and earmuffs, etc.
Directed by Donna King we got it in in a day and a half.

1st. Stan Williamson/Carol Adams ——————————- Quailhollow/Hawthorne
2nd. Ron Raymond/Jan Dally ————————————– C/M-Deland
3rd. John/Christine Giumarra ————————————– Deland
4th. Bob Robinson/Sharon Upson ——————————– Hawthorne

1st. Allen Dronsfield/MaryAnn Pabst —————————– Tavares-C/M
2nd. Walt Vilk/Dee Metz ———————————————- C/M-Deland
3rd. Ivan/Lorraine Layton ——————————————– Tavares
4th. Arnie Fischbach/Christine Inga ——————————- Deland

Reminding you all that at the state level St. Cloud and Lee County are Monday and Tuesday.
In the Northern district it’s Coronado/Mainland Pro’s only and Amateurs only on Thursday and Friday

Al Dronsfield 1/6/18

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