CDA11 Modified 6 Games at Woodbrook Estates. 2018 01 05 and 06

16 FINALISTS at Woodbrook

Woodbrook Estates (1510 West Ariana) in Lakeland repeats their popular Modified Doubles!! 

Event began on 2018 01 04 and wound up on 2018 01 05; David Earle was the TD. David has been involved in this Tournament since it inception in 2013. His support in 2013 was as the President of the Central District; State Tournament Glenn Monroe has also been a supporter of this event. I personally believe that such support has a positive impact on District Amateur Competitors!!

Jerry Deren Speaks:** 41 “brave District Amateurs” showed up at Woodbrook Estates, 1510 West Ariana, in Lakeland, FL on 2018 01 04.
The format for Day 1, per David Earle, Tournament Director, was 8 down yellow; change colors, 8 down black, and that was a match!!

Even though you could accumulate as many points as possible, the max permissible count was 100!!
The Top 16 Players commit to returning on Day 2, determined by # of Wins on Day 1. 6 Matches were played on Day 1. Two Players had 6 wins on Day 1. Remainder were selected on the basis of # of Wins. Ties were broken by taking into consideration the scores.
The DAY 2 FORMAT was two out of three 16 frames or 75 points. (See the attachment for specific details.)
**Stan speaks: Lois and I drove up from Sebring on Day 2, 2018 01 05, to take some pix and prepare a “story”. To my delight when I arrived I was greeted by Jerry Derren who informed me that he had prepared an article, (above) and further, he had arranged for pix!! TD Earle informed me that Jerry assisted the entire tournament!! I talked with Jerry, attempting to determine his motive, and he informed me that he was endeavouring to determine WHY Di Ams. choose NOT to compete in District Tournaments. He believes that a formal survey should be undertaken to gain an understanding, an appreciation, of this critical phenomenon.  I am now going to insert the approved playing procedure for this Event: MODIFIED MINGLES SINGLES RULES FOR 16 FRAME CENTRAL DISTRICT EVENTS  

On the 2nd day, as you will read, the field is determined in a more normal fashion. I now give you the first place in the Main Event, and 1st place in the Consolation.

Congratulations to Woodbrook’s Linda Read who was the chief organizer at the Park Level. She did a terrific job and from the feedback I received, Linda was much appreciated.  Linda was assisted by her husband Bob, both shown in pic above.  Here are the complete results as sent along by Jerry Deren:

  • 1st Main Jim Fleming & Gerrit Dykman
    2nd ” Myrna Houston & Gerdien Dykman
  • 3rd: Howard Rupert & Shelia Brown
  • 4th Lynn Meeks & Wilma Mcclung
  • 1st Consolation: Linda Devries & George Young
    2nd ” John Schlaffer & Dale Chenette
  • 3rd ” Robert Bell & Merrill Arcand Woodbrook
  • Lorraine Merrifield & Dick Lightner

Stan McCormack  2018 01 06.



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5 Responses to CDA11 Modified 6 Games at Woodbrook Estates. 2018 01 05 and 06

  1. Wilma McClung says:

    Thanks for the article. stan It was so good to see you and Lois.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gary pipher says:

    It’s great to see this WBE CD tournament continue each year. Sometimes the weather doesn’t co-operate but the dedicated organizers make this tournament a special one to be part of. Congrats to the trumpeter and his wife and all who helped .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mary Mueller says:

    Looks like a great tournament at Woodbrook even in the cold! We miss it!


  4. Michael Zellner says:

    Good story Stan. Thanks again for competing with me at the Orange Blossom tournament. I competed yesterday at Bradenton and placed 2 in consolation. Got Tom his first points in doubles. As state am I didnt get any but Tom’s hooked now.




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