Rob Robinson Is About To Leave Office. Read His Remarks, as well as those of the Claytons, 2004

The US NSA President Rob Robinson sends his “leaving remarks”: Robs Presidents Message


I am now speaking with Jim Clayton, President of the US National Shuffleboard Association. As Jim is approaching the end of his term of office, January of 2005, I thought it appropriate to speak with him, to ask him to reflect on his presidency ~~ thinking of some of the highlights, and sharing with us his desires for the NSA. Jim: “I have been president of the National for two years and also president of the Ohio Shuffleboard organization for two years. Serving in both of these positions has been a monumental job!! Mary has been secretary of both of the organizations over the same period. We work together, we have made the tournaments ~ in the National, we’ve been down to Texas for three straight years and we went to Mesa, AZ when they had their 1st Bud Walrath Tournament.”
THE SHUFFLER: Maybe I will interrupt here ~ what do you see as the differences, if any, between or among the three States, we will include FL, that is TX, AZ, and FL? Jim: “And we should also include CA, we have been there as well ~ so there is a world of difference between FL ~ and AZ ~ and CA of course. We only played on one court in TX, at San Benito, but their courts are virtually identical to FL and from what I can understand, the rest of the courts in that area are about the same. The difference in playing is quite remarkable in that the speed of the pucks is one thing and then, there is the way that they play. In FL you have your 75 points, two out of three games, while in TX in a tournament, you play 10 frames on one colour and then play 10 frames on the other colour, and that constitutes the match.”
THE SHUFFLER: How does that work in your view, does that give you a fair view of the skill level of the opposing teams or individuals? Jim: “In my estimation it is the fairest way of playing shuffleboard. There is no such thing as 3 games ~ or the luck of the lag, or as some say, the skill of the lag determining more or less, the winner of the match ~ and we’ve seen that happen quite often because the courts are so drifty that one colour has quite a bit of an advantage over the other colour ~ so this takes that element of chance away ~ because you play half of your match on the bad side and half on the good ~ or vice-a-versa.”
THE SHUFFLER: Thanks for those observations Jim. You were telling me earlier that you and Mary have purchased a new motor home and that you will be doing some travelling. I know that all Shufflers express their gratitude to you and Mary for a Job Well Done. We wish you well in your new adventures. Jim: “Well thank you, thank you very much.” Stan’s note: The “changing of office” will take place at the National Tournament at Trailer Estates, FL, January 24th to 26th. Walt Wedel will become the US National President at that time. 2004 09 19

Stan’s note: If you know where the Claytons now are, please share with me.  Leave your response in the “Comments” Section.  2018 01 07, or SEND TO MY E-MAIL, ABOVE.

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1 Response to Rob Robinson Is About To Leave Office. Read His Remarks, as well as those of the Claytons, 2004

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Rob, thanks for a job well done!


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