We Give You the Nomination of Bob Perkins to the CD FSA HOS.

To: Doug Stockman, President, FSA Central District.  (to fully grasp the situation, ALSO see this file: https://theshuffler.net/2018/01/07/bob-perkins-elected-to-the-central-district-hall-of-fame-a-good-guy-gets-rewarded/  
From: Henry Strong, President, Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club

Re: Nomination for Hall of Fame Special Award, Central District
I nominate Robert (Bob) Perkins for the CD Hall of Fame Special Award.
Few people have had a more significant impact on the game of shuffleboard in the Central District and in the State of Florida than Bob has had. In 2007, when the Tourist Club in Zephyrhills decided to divest themselves of the shuffleboard facilities, Bob stepped in and purchased the Club. From the beginning he intended to keep the facilities in the hands of shufflers. With his guidance as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at ZSC, the Club has encouraged shufflers from all over the District to play at some of the best shuffleboard courts in Florida.
With Bob’s encouragement, the Club has directly supported many District and State shuffleboard events, such as FSA Masters, CD Masters and State and District tournaments. We have financially and physically supported other clubs in Zephyrhills and have enthusiastically supported the CD Masters at Lakeland. Bob has encouraged the development of our players who now travel and play in events throughout the District.
Bob donated the Facilities to the members in 2011. He still serves as Chair of the Board and maintains an active interest in the operation of the Club and the performance of its players. Bob continues to encourage the Directors to support shuffleboard throughout the District. He continues to seek out possible acquisitions to improve the Club’s resources.
Bob has researched the history of shuffleboard in Zephyrhills and has published the findings in a book to ensure that the knowledge will not be lost. His family roots run deep in Zephyrhills and now through his personal commitment to the Club, they run deep in shuffleboard.
It is difficult to imagine the Central District without the resources of the ZSC Club and it is certain that this Club would have gone by the wayside without the direct support of Bob Perkins. His generosity is unparalleled and his support continues making him, I believe, an outstanding candidate for the Hall of Fame Special Award.
Thank you for your consideration,

Henry Strong
President ZSC

Stan McCormack Speaks: I thought I would add to the understanding of Bob’s generosity, by adding this directly related information taken from my archives of 2007:


Zephyrhills Business Meeting of 2007

THE ZEPHYRHILLS TOURIST CLUB HAS APPROVED THE SALE OF SHUFFLEBOARD FACILITY TO MR. BOB PERKINS. The vote was 111 for, 2 against. Information received from David Earle 2007 04 04.
The President of the newly created Board of Management for the New Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club is Mr. David Earle.

ON 2007 03 22 THE SHUFFLER SAT DOWN WITH BOB PERKINS. Bob had this to say about the significant change underway at the Zephyrhills Shuffling Facility!!

“My name is Bob Perkins from Janesville, Wisconsin. I reside at Baker Acres here in Zephyrhills and I have been shuffling for about 8 years and developed a real passion for it. When I knew that the Tourist Club had an interest in disposing of this facility, I did not want to see it developed as a commercial entity which is the only way it could have been developed, and there didn’t seem to be any way that the Shufflers could come up with the money to purchase the facility so I decided to buy the facility and preserve it.
I came to this decision because I am a historian in nature and my intention is when I pass on, to will this facility to the Shufflers so it will be maintained and it will be stipulated that it can never be developed as commercial property. It will have to remain permanently as a Shuffling facility.
We have a Board of Directors and we will be in the process Saturday, of nominating a President and a Treasurer and we will have a Secretary. We will have monthly Board Meetings when we come back in the fall. There will be shuffling here of course, as there has been in the past, during the summer.
I took this action because I believe this is a great facility ~~ and I haven’t even been a Shuffler here that long but I just thought it was something that needed to be done and it gives me a lot of great gratification to be able to do it.
THE SHUFFLER: That is very generous of you.
Bob: The name of the facility will change to THE ZEHPYRHILLS SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB.”
Interview conducted by Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER 2007 03 22.
POSTED ON THE SHUFFLER 2007 04 05. NOTE: David authorized release of info on April 4th ~~ and it was posted on Site . And on April 5th, this message from Bob: Hi Stan:
As expected, the Tourist Club sale was approved on Wed. April 4th. You may now release any information that you wish. I will be leaving for Wisconsin on Sat. a.m. (early). If you need additional info. call me at 813-780-2500, or contact Chuck Moulton, our treasurer who lives here year around.
Robert Perkins


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