Bailey defends his World Champion Title!!
Saturday, Jim Bailey came to Clearwater for the first major tournament since winning the World Championship in Betmar. Bailey left no doubt that he is the World Champion. Winning 7 games over two days with great shooting and thoughtful strategy.
Bailey was quiet, polite and at times funny. He played through a penalty that was called on him with the behavior of a champion. He would later describe the penalty as “an amateur mistake”. One of his disks was not completely in the shooting area after he had shot another disk. This type of penalty could have easily thrown the average player off their game, but not a champion.

The Neptune Society Clearwater Singles Tournament was planned as a large purse tournament with a different format. The format took some suggestions from shufflers that wanted some changes and were tried. 16 frames not a 75 game, switch color after 8 frames, one game to a match not two out of 3 and only 4 practice shots, all designed to speed up the tournament.

Suggested by those that played: If there is another large purse tournament in Clearwater there will be a consolation division. Driving a distance, playing one game and being eliminated was not popular. Bailey collected $500.00 for his first place victory. This is the largest First Prize in Florida since the $1,000.00 Doubles First Prize Big Dog Contest in 2005 ($500 each player).

Many of the top players in Florida participated, including the
Lifetime FSA points leader, a few Hall of Famers and Presidents of
Shuffleboard groups, players from as far away as Lake Worth, 11 women, 56 men, and 14 amateurs.
Two Amateurs were in the finals, Dean Hart, coming in 2nd Place and winning $250.00 only losing the final game to Jim Bailey >> and Fred Byda finishing 3rd and collecting $100.00.

Top 4!!; Jim Bailey, 1st; Rosaire Cote, 4th; Fred Byda, 3rd; and Dean Hart 2nd.
Many reported it was a fun tournament that was very well run by
Barbara Henson and the members of the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club. Almost every person wanted to know when the next one was
going to be held.

Submitted by Bob Weber. 2009-11-29

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