IS BIG MONEY THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN SPECIAL EVENTS?  Look back to 2009; BUT my opinion remains unchanged.  Stan 2018 01 08

Bob Weber, promoter first class, has just completed a Singles Tournament with significant cash for prize money. (2009 11 29) 1st place paid $500. 2nd $250. 3rd $100. and 4th $75.

The Big Dog by Pete Rinehart was another example of an event offering significant sums of money.   It is rumored that Sebring will be offering a large purse at their Orange Blossom State Event.
Bob Weber was less than thrilled his turnout! It is no more. The Big Dog is no more! Sebring is in the future.

It is my view that Team Events offer the greatest opportunity for sustained appeal.

Witness in the West, the Western, the largest Shuffleboard Event in the World which began prior to 1989!!
Witness the ISA (International Shuffleboard Association) Team Event which has been a phenomenal success since 1981. Another fine example of a Team Event is the Blackstock Spring Fling, cited to demonstrate that any Club can host.
The Hall of Fame Classic of the Central District of FL too, has had nothing but success since 2005, its first year. In each of the cited events, it is the spirit of the TEAM which prevails. It is the spirit of the Team which causes participants to want to return succeeding years.
In the Western, Teams are formed and come to the event AS AN EXISTING TEAM. This method is also used by the Nations participating in the International Events (ISA).
The Spring Fling Concept varied the method of forming the teams to create, to the extent possible, 8 Equal Well Balanced Teams of 8 Players. The Selection and Balancing is performed by those managing the Event.
The Spring Fling became so popular that heated discussion developed with regard to the right to register. The Hall of Fame Classic experiences a similar rush!!
Advance registration is mandatory in all, and the number of participants is limited only by the number of courts available.
Team Events have greater appeal when they are mixed with social events and run over at least one night. This allows for a BBQ and or a Banquet or some variation thereof. The appeal is limited only by the imagination of those doing the Organizing!!
If any Reader wishes more detail such as Format, Team Selection, or Social Ideas, just send along an E-mail to

Stan McCormack of The Shuffler. 2009 12 01.

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