Woodbrook Amateur Modified Tournament; Comment by TD David Earle

Woodbrook Amateur Modified Tournament; Comment by TD David Earle

Each year that I have been involved with this tournament has been a treat. We have played in the heat, in misty rain, and this year in very cold conditions. The number of players varies a little with the weather but the good nature of those that come and play never does…they are always good natured, kind and positive.

The park puts forth a marvellous effort. I always have a wonderful group of helpers, the kitchen crew are always first rate, the park management are supportive and the players are up for a good time. The games format eliminates waiting around and keeps players engaged. I have yet to have anyone turn down the invitation to return for the second day. The players resolve most infractions themselves to everyone’s immediate satisfaction…amazing.
I can understand that the modified format is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but for the mainly park players who attend it is a great introduction to competitive shuffleboard. For example the day one scores are outrageously high…hardly a defensive play in sight, but come day two, the atmosphere changes. Now bragging rights are in play and the competitive spirit comes forth. Even the eldest players want to win!
For all the help provided and the great reception I always get, I thank each and every person who plays or participates in any way. I also know that every park that wants to host a tournament needs a Linda Read. When you find her or him treat that person well, just like Woodbrook does. I’m sure the flowers helped keep the energiser bunny’s batteries charged!

David Earle, TD for the 2018 Event.  2018 01 08

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7 Responses to Woodbrook Amateur Modified Tournament; Comment by TD David Earle

  1. Gary pipher says:

    Well done David .
    As you well know that tournaments like this don’t “Just Happen” without a lot of dedication.
    You have been a great soldier for the cause and having you come back each year says a lot for your personel dedication.
    When this tournament first started I recall you coming down from Z Hills to help sort out our problems and keep the game running smoothly.
    As a previous resident of WBE I want to say
    Thanks David for your great support.


  2. Wilma McClung says:

    David, I just want to thank you for making the tournament such a great time for all of the shufflers. I Don,t play tournaments but you made it fun. I’m a fun shuffler but if I was younger I probably would be at more games.


    • stanistheman says:

      I’ll only tell David, but Wilma is NOT ONLY A GREAT SHUFFLER, she is a great person. One would never guess that she is 94. (94 years young!!) I am thinking of arranging a match between her and Earl Ball!! I am confident it would be an exciting match, AND, attract a lot of people!! Given Wilma’s comments, would you agree to Referee the match? Stan


  3. Earl Ball says:

    I’ll play! Tell me when and where.


  4. stanistheman says:

    I knew you would be UP FOR IT EARL!! TV Coverage will be appropriate!! I’ll get back to you. Stan


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