I am sharing this email I received from The Venice Shuffleboard Club.

FSA President Dave Kudro Speaks:  I am sharing this email I received from The Venice Shuffleboard Club.I have been working with their board on ideas and suggestions on increasing shuffleboard participation and better utilization of the Venice, Florida shuffleboard courts on nights and weekends.
As you can see, they have also invited 41 Shuffleboard League Team Presidents.
This will give me a great opportunity to not only talk about the utilization of the Venice Shuffleboard Club, but interaction with League Team Presidents and see what the FSA can do to get these shufflers to our District events. Make them aware of what we have to offer, what we are working on to fit the needs of all shufflers, and to answer all their questions and concerns.
I now am challenging each and every District President to reach out to all Shuffleboard Leagues in your district and request to attend one of their board meetings. I will help you with talking points and ideas of topics to discuss. You just have to be committed to speak from your heart on your love of Shuffleboard and be excited to know that you can make a difference in our future.

All I ask all of US is to ” Do more than belong” PARTICIPATE “Do more than care” HELP “Do more than dream” WORK

To paraphrase a quote, Commitment, belief and positive attitude are important if you’re going to be a success, whether you are in business or, as in our case, Shuffleboard.

“Let us do together what we cannot do alone”

Dave Kudro FSA President.  2018 01 09.

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1 Response to I am sharing this email I received from The Venice Shuffleboard Club.

  1. Gary pipher says:

    Well done Dave.


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