FSA HALL OF FAME IN Sebring FL. How did it arrive there???

Florida State Shuffleboard Hall of Fame
This article is taken from “The History of Florida Shuffleboard” by Dorothy Wagasky.

In 1959, the Florida State Shuffleboard Association took steps to give some recognition to players and executives who were top players or who had done a lot for our sport in the executive field. In 1960, this became a reality by the Board forming the F.S.A. HALL OF FAME.
The first location of the Hall of Fame was at the Orlando Shuffleboard Club. Here was gathered a lot of information on what had taken place in the past 32 years – or from the time the F.S.A. was formed in 1928. Newspaper clippings pertaining to the F.S.A. were placed in scrapbooks, but most were loose in boxes. PREVIEWs dating from the first 1952-53 season were kept and the rest were also available and on file. Scrapbooks of different clubs in the Association were also on file with information on the club.
In 1970, the Orlando Shuffleboard Club planned to disband.. .or maybe move to some other location. The Board figured that because of this, a new location should be found for the Hall of Fame.
The Sebring Tourist Club agreed to be the new home of the Hall of Fame and use part of their card room to hold the things that had been gathered. A large glass case was built to store things; old cues were asked for which are now hanging on the walls. All pictures of those now in the Hall of Fame were obtained and are on display on racks along the wall.
Records of achievement of all players who are in the Hall of Fame are in books and kept up to date on their wins after they have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Records of all tournaments from the start of our sport in 1928 have been placed in a book, giving winners, date of tournament, and where held. This book is still being updated as dates and places of tournaments are found in old newspaper clippings. Did you know that Jacksonville had a Statewide Tournament? Pictures took five years to find, for this search started after the move to Sebring. If you have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, or would like to look up someone’s record, you can find this record of wins and also who they won their double tournaments with.
Stop by the Sebring Recreation Club and take a look at your Hall of Fame. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll see.
Stan’s Note added 2012 05 18: Ed O’Neal, current FSA KOR and Webmaster spent a great deal of time digitizing some of the key information with respect to shufflers who have been inducted into the FSA HOF. If you wish to see/experience some of this important history, click on the URL at the end of this article. Ed picked up on the idea of a Virtual Hall of Fame from the former TheShuffler.org website which introduced the concept some years earlier. Here is the link to the FSA HOF: http://www.fsashuffleboard.org/HOF/HOF%20Roster.htm To read the Bios, click on BIOS; to see pix, click on ALBUM. Do enjoy and a big thanks to Ed O’Neal for keeping Shuffleboard alive and well!!
Stan McCormack. Writing in Calabogie, ON 2012 05 18.

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