FSA HALL OF FAME!! WE WILL BE THERE!! This Monday, 2018 01 15

THE SHUFFLER: The significance of any recognition by one’s peers is enriched by history. The FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Association) does indeed have a significant history and a major component of that history is the FSA HOF (HALL OF FAME). THE PREVIEW, the organization’s official magazine now in its 90th year, lists 204 members by reason of achieving 200 “Pro Points” or by serving as an executive of the FSA. (See page 7 of the 2017–2018 Preview. Also listed are 56 Special Awards granted for outstanding Administrative or Promotional contributions. This year, 2017-2018, will see the addition of 4 names to the Player List and 1 to the Special Award, President’s List.
• 1. Dave Kudro
2. Linda Marshman
3. Tara Goldman. (Sorry, no workable pic)
4. Glenna Earle
5. Landy Adkins (President’ Award
• Between now and January 15th, the date of the Awards Banquet and HOF inductions, THE SHUFFLER will provide you with interesting information relevant to what is considered by many to be the high point of their shuffling career. We hope and expect to provide you with Induction Remarks for each of the Inductees. This will not be possible until the individual is “presented” to the Membership on January 15th.

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2018 01 12

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1 Response to FSA HALL OF FAME!! WE WILL BE THERE!! This Monday, 2018 01 15

  1. Congratulations to all of you.


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