Al Dronsfield reporting from the Northern District. 2018 01 13

Al Dronsfield reporting from the Northern District states the the Pro Only and Amateur only tournament was cancelled due to excessive rain.
The Amateur’s had a District Amateur tournament held the 8th and 9th at the Clermont club.
It was a fair turnout considering the low numbers of amateurs in our district.
Donna King directed this event.
Below are the results..

1st. Mark Engel/Jeffrey Geesey ————————- Parkwood Oaks/Leesburg
2nd. Rodney& Donna Lewis —————————— Deland
3rd. Steve Smith/Bonnie Goetzinger ——————- Hawthorne
4th. DeWayne Toomey/Stephan Brankey ————- Clermont

1st. Joseph/Christine Inga ——————————– Deland
2nd. Bob Neuhaus/Freeda Carr ————————– Hawthorne
3rd. Ed Silva/Dorris Kostrziewa ————————– Clermont
4th. Eddie & Sharon Schulzek ————————— HTR

Next week 18th and 19th in the Northern District is a No Two Pro Tournament held at Hawthorne. Lunches will be served

Al Dronsfield 1/13/18

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