Opening Remarks by CD President Doug Stockman. FSA Hall of Fame and Banquet, 2018 01 15.

CD President Doug Stockman and Pat. Opening Remarks to the  2018 Banquet.

Central District President Doug Stockman Speaks: Your Worship Mayor Shoop, President Dave Kudro, FSA Board members, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is my pleasure on behalf of the Central District Board to welcome you to this important event. It is important because it provides an opportunity to renew friendships and make new friends. It is a time for the Sebring Shuffleboard Club to demonstrate its strength as a host club and tournament venue. Under the leadership of President Harold Comeau and club members, they make a major contribution to both the CD and FSA. They must be congratulated for their leadership. Not to be left out is the FSA Organization under the leadership of Dave Kudro. They also must be congratulated and praised for the work they do on our behalf.

The major focus of this evening is the Hall of Fame presentations. We wish to congratulate this group and acknowledge the fact that we are very proud of all entrants, in particular the two CD players, Linda Marshman and Glenna Earle who will soon be inducted.

I have a question and challenge for all of you here this evening. How do you thank those who have enabled to learn this game and play at such a high level? There is a way. You have likely heard of the expression “pay it forward”. Think about it – pass your thanks forward.

Pat and I both thank you for the opportunity to be here this evening.

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1 Response to Opening Remarks by CD President Doug Stockman. FSA Hall of Fame and Banquet, 2018 01 15.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Well said Doug.


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