Award of Gratitude Presented to Colleen Austin: 2018 01 15.

Remarks offered by FSA President Dave Kudro on the occasion of the FSA AWARD OF GRATITUDE to Colleen Austin.   Ruth Brown, Organizing Chairperson of the Banquet also participated in the presentation.  When President Kudro completed his remarks, (below)the entire audience rose in respect, and filled the Banquet Room with resounding applause!!  Stan McCormack.

FSA “Award Of Gratitude”


In Recognition Of Your Untiring Efforts

January 15, 2018

Coleen Austin

No matter how rough the road or how hard the rain, you always rise to the occasion.

We all know that “Above & Beyond The Call Of Duty” is only a phrase, but Colleen you have given it truly a new meaning.

The Florida Shuffleboard Association (FSA) is forever indebted to you for your continued generous support to our organization over the years.

As President of the FSA, it is my honor to award you the FSA “Award Of Gratitude” in recognition of your past and continuous service to our organization.

Your hard work, dedication, insight, and enthusiasm, are truly appreciated and such a pleasure to have you in our shuffleboard family.

Today is a perfect day to tell you that no one could be more respected, loved and appreciated. Coleen, you never stop because you are tired. You stop only when you are done.

Congratulations;  David P Kudro, FSA President.
FSA President.  2018 01 15 


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1 Response to Award of Gratitude Presented to Colleen Austin: 2018 01 15.

  1. sdshuffler says:

    Stan, Thank you for the article. The award was such a surprise. I love doing for others but worry about taking the attention away from those being honored. Thank you for all you do sharing shuffleboard news around the world. You are appreciated! Colleen


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