The “Sebring Experience” by Linda Rebholz.

The Sebring Experience by Linda Rebholz

The Sebring Recreation Club was jubilant when they were chosen to host the Hall of Fame Banquet for 2018. After consulting with Linda Rebholz and Colleen Austin regarding some details, organizer Ruth Brown and her team of Marti Noble, Judy Holloway, Rosemary Comeau and Colleen Austin were off and running.

Ruth contracted the Island View Restaurant for the banquet. This was a good choice as the restaurant provided an excellent meal of chicken and beef to 138 attendees. By the way, Ruth was lovely in a black sheath with flowing long sleeves.

For years the Hall of Fame Banquet was a more formal affair but recently, the attire has become “dressy” to “dressy casual” as more women choose slacks and fancy blouses. I am not much of a fashion reporter so I will just say that all the ladies were beautiful and the men were handsome!
Unlike a lot of city owned facilities, Sebring has a wonderful relationship with the City of Sebring. Mayor Shoop, along with his lovely wife, were present to welcome us and thank us for visiting the city. The Sebring Club is in the Central District and President Doug Stockman gave the opening remarks. The president of the Sebring Club is Harold Comeau. They have 36 lighted courts, 20 of which are under cover.
Dave Kudro, the lone male inductee, was presented by Terri Smith. Dave Minnich could not be there to do the presentation. There was an emotional moment when Terri read a letter from Dave’s good friend and past partner, Mel Erb. Mel passed away a couple of years ago but had anticipated that Dave would make his 200 points.
Tara Goldman’s sister Jenna, read Tara’s acceptance speech. Sweet Tara, in white slacks and dark top was presented by Ken Offenther and pinned by her husband, Jay.
Glenna Earle and Linda Marshman, best friends, presented each other. They were both dressed in black with sparkly red jackets. Glenna’s husband, David, was resplendent in his Scottish kilt.
Landy Adkins, in long white dress, was presented by Dave Kudro. Dave quipped about his pinning of Landy last year and the mishap he had in dropping the pin in a most inappropriate place. He blamed George!
We were sorry that Nancy Sclafani was not able to be with us. She was presented by Joyce Marquis and inducted abstentia.
The banquet ended with door prizes distributed. Central District and the Sebring Club can be proud of a job well done by all involved.

Linda Rebholz–Reporter.  2018 01 17.  (Many thanks to Linda for this excellent report!! Stan)

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2 Responses to The “Sebring Experience” by Linda Rebholz.

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Linda, this is a very nice report of an excellent evening and also excellent planning and execution ! To all involved ,we express a “Thank You” ! “Kudos to All”l !
    Jim & Ginny Chandler


  2. stanistheman says:

    Great Comment!! Virginia!! OR, as I like to say: Ginny!!


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