Larry Brown is BACK!! He may not be able to Shuffle, BUT, He Can Write!!

“Set Em Up Boys, It’s Miller Time”

Larry Brown SpeaksI first used that phrase writing a story for The Shuffler when Jim Miller covered the field in walking singles and I believe at the Nationals 10 years ago. (Click on pic to see the cap, also of 10 years ago!!)

Tuesday afternoon in men’s finals of the State Red Line Singles at the Sebring Shuffleboard Club, two of the best shufflers the state has to offer, in the men’s division, 1,000 point man Earl Ball, and Jim Miller, went at it again.

I have heard Earl Ball say, on many occasions, that Jim might be the best walking singles player he has come up against. In the 1st game, Miller jumps out to a 35 – 7 point lead!!  Earl was never able to close the gap to less than 20 points when the game ended.

In the 2nd game a number of shufflers and spectators gathered around to watch, and wondered if perhaps Earl has the favored color now.  To our amazement, Miller jumps off to a quick start and built a 35 point lead again. This time Ball kept inching closer & closer & closer. It came down to the head of the court with Miller having the hammer with 65 points. Ball is shooting first, sitting at 58 points. Earl makes a fabulous shot and gets a 7 hidden, which brings him to 65 points. About that time, one of the few pros sitting and watching said “this match is over, we can go home“.  Another person said “why do you say that”.  And they said that Miller can drop in a 10 anytime he needs to.  This writer turned and looked at Jim’s wife Jo, who was sitting behind us and I could see a little grin and a twinkle in her eye, and at that moment, I knew that she knew what was going to happen.  I looked back at the head of the court just as Jim dropped the disc in the

10. Game over, 2018 Red Line singles champion.So what did we learn from that match??  Earl said that Jim might be the best walking singles player there is and he might be right. #2 we learned that Miller can drop in a 10 when he wants to. And #3 I get to write it again, “Set ‘Em Up Boys. It’s Miller Time’.

Larry & Ruth Brown, writing for The Shuffler.

Stan Speaks: It is oh so good to have you back Larry!!!  You can “Set ‘Em Up Boys. It’s Miller Time”.  any time you wish!!!  THANK YOU.


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4 Responses to Larry Brown is BACK!! He may not be able to Shuffle, BUT, He Can Write!!

  1. Michael Robert Zellner says:

    One of the best write-ups I’ve seen to date. The writer places his emotion inside each flowing sentence.


  2. Virginia Chandler says:

    Larry you can write anything and make a true believer out of me ! Love to read your comments ,as well as Stans !


  3. David P Kudro says:

    Great Article Larry, I truly enjoyed It!


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