Max and Ruth Tate Share From Spain.

The Tates are spending a part of their winter in Spain.

Max and Ruth Tate Speak: We read your daily reports with interest. Great to learn that the banquet was a success. Ruth Brown must be pleased. We have settled in.  Villaricos is a small town and is very quiet this time of year. Most buildings are apartments or villas. No single family homes. Most are owned by people from the U.K. and other parts of Europe. We had dinner last night at a local bar/cafe with 22 other people from our complex. Twenty Brits & two Germans.

Friday we are meeting Betty & Philip Martin for lunch. (To remind you about the Martins, click Betty and Phillip Martin Will Be Missed!!

No shuffleboard. We hope to get to a golf course soon and practise our game. Sunny every day and reasonably warm except when in the shade. Our apartment gets about 3hours of sun each day and then it is cool. We have a space heater to keep us warm. Hope you have a great winter. Please say hello to everyone at the Sebring and Avon Park clubs.
Max & Ruth Tate.  2018 01 28.

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2 Responses to Max and Ruth Tate Share From Spain.

  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Have fun. Please say hello to Philip and Betty.


  2. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Glad to see you are enjoying your stay and it sounds as if you have settled in nicely.
    Continued good times and good health.


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