The Venice Shuffleboard Club, Venice, Florida, January 20, 2018

The Venice Shuffleboard Club invited Florida Shuffleboard President Dave Kudro to discuss his agenda to change the image of Shuffleboard to attract millennials to the sport.

He arrived at the Club with a large flat screen TV and he gave a great presentation; it lasted an hour and a half, and all twenty four members that attended found the program very interesting and some members were inspired to volunteer to work on projects to introduce the sport to non-member groups.
The Florida association should be very proud to have such a great representative, who can get the message out about a new shuffle image in a very professional manner, yet in a casual way that keeps the audience attention and he was also very knowledgeable to answer questions with ease.
We are a small club, but I believe we can down-size some of the ideas to fit our club and the community.
Thank you Dave !
Rosemary Dinn
VSC President
The VSC Board of Directors
The VSC Membership

Many of you will remember Dave’s e-mail of January 9th, on this subject:

Posted by Stan on 2018 01 20.

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1 Response to The Venice Shuffleboard Club, Venice, Florida, January 20, 2018

  1. David P Kudro says:

    Thank You Rosemary
    It was great to meet you, the board and the Venice Shuffleboard Club members that attended.
    Everyone was very intentive and receptive to get more people out shuffling. I hope the club finds new energy and motivation to make a difference and introduce more to shuffle.

    Please call me if I can be of further assistance.

    Dave Kudro FSA President


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