SSA’s first annual team tournament. Register NOW!! Details Below.

Milly Molloy!


Milly’s Sister shirley in Red, Milly’s Sister Jane in blue. Pic by Stan taken at the White Swan in 2005.

Stan McC. and Jane Dance in Athabasca, AB. The Other Stan (Prime)and I were in the Air Force together in Germany. Click to read Stan Prime’s story: “It is not often” in blue. BELOW

It Is Not Often That I Get To Write A Love Story

Milly Malloy Speaks: Please find attached an invitation to SSA’s first annual team tournament.  Before  you get to the invitation, Stan McCormack, our blogger, has added some info from his archives!!  Do hope you enjoy.  If you have favourable  memories about a Sask Tournament OR the White Swan, please share by leaving your comment, in the Comment Section below this posting.   

Stan McCormack Speaks: Did you know : that Sisters Milly, Jane and Shirley led the singing of “O Canada” at the opening of Tournament in Moose Jaw in July of 2017??  They also sang at the 22nd Annual Shuffleboard Tournament July 18 to 21, 2016 at T. Eaton’s and Cosmo Senior Centres in Moose Jaw SK with 72 shufflers attending from SK, AB, and North Carolina, and no doubt, at many mroe. Regretabbly, no one sent me a pic???   Let’s hope they will repeat at this Tournament!!! AND MANY MORE!!  ((My Father lived in Moose Jaw until “The Dirty 30s”)) 

We are hoping for 8 teams of 8 players per team. Enter as a single. Names will be drawn from a hat. First name out will be player number one and team number one, second name out will be player number two and so on to complete the team of 8. The next 8 names will be team number two, with the first name as player one, second name player two and so on until the team of 8 is complete. This format continues until all teams are selected. Each team will select their captain.

The captains are responsible for letting their team know their draw times; which court they play on, and whether they play at the head or the foot. At the end of each game, Captains will collect the scores of wins or loses and get this record to the draw master (Aime Archer). These draws, times and head or foot positions are already made up; captains only need to inform their team mates. Captains need to know the rules of play and keep your team up to date.
We’ve also been asked to keep score and referee when not playing.

All entry fees and banquet fees are to be paid to SSA and sent to the Treasurer Milly Molloy before the deadline of May 10, 2018.  Shufflers may invitation 2018, MOOSE JAW SK   and Shufflers may invitation 2018, MOOSE JAW SK   (Click on either; one is pdf, one is microsoft word)

Thank you …… Milly, SSA Treasurer.



Eight teams – 8 players per team, will be drawn from a hat. 1st name will be player 1, second name player 2,and so on. Each team selects their captain. Draw continues in this manner until all teams are complete.

Timothy Eaton’s Center, 510 Main St.
May 28, 29, 30, 2018

All entry fees to SSA to be paid by May 10, 2018

Opening Ceremonies – 9:30 AM Monday May 28
First draw 10:00 AM
2 games Monday & Wednesday, 3 games Tuesday

Entry fee: $35.00 (Includes banquet May 28)

** Open now for Sask. Shufflers **
Open to all after March 1st – Final cut-off MAY 10, 2018

Banquet – Monday, May 28, 2018 (optional) – $20.00

SEND to: Milly Molloy, #3 – 418 Home St. W., Moose Jaw, Sk. S6H 4X8 Phone: 306-983-0068 Email:

No stacked teams. It’s all for fun.
Prizes for the two top teams.
Tournament Director: Aime Archer Email:

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