John Brown’s Newspaper Article 2018 01 23

President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association, Dave Kudro of Bradenton Shuffle Club announced “clean Sweep” of first places at the 2018 State-Sponsored Singles at Sebring January 15-16. The State-Sponsored Singles, a so-called Red Line tournament is known for a healthy purse (prize money) and extra points in the Main Event. Most Florida Tournaments grant points of 5-4-3-2 in the Main and 2-1-1-0 in Consolation. But the red-line tournaments offer 8-6-5-3 in the Main, a very nice plum indeed, for those hoping to join the Florida Hall of Fame.
Jim Miller of Bradenton Shuffle Club won First in the Main, Men Walking yet again, about the fifth time this decade. Ron Nurnberger won the Men Non-Walking 1st Consolation over a very large crowd of non-walkers, and Pam Nurnberger won first among Ladies. An insufficient number of ladies willing to walk caused all ladies to non-walk. Each of these winners had to win several matches from very competent competitors. Each is to be congratulated.
Note: Players from other districts won two firsts in Consolation and one in the Main, so it was “almost” a clean sweep with three first places out of six in the state.
The 58th Annual Hall of Fame Banquet with induction of 6 new members was of the highest quality. As predicted in last week’s column, Glenna Earle, Tara Goldman, Dave Kudro, Linda Marshman, Nancy Sclafani, and Landy Adkins were so honored.
FL P-16 State-Sponsored Singles at Sebring, M/W, M/NW, L/NW. January 15-16. Walking-75 points, Non-Walking 12 frames or 75 points. Men Walking Main: 1. Jim Miller. Non-Walking Consolation: 1. Ron Nurnberger. Ladies Non-Walking 12/75 points. Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger.
FL A-14B January 15-16 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, Any Ams/Any Doubles . Main: 1. Mike Collins-Don Trottier, 2. Elaine and Patrick Antaya, 3. Sandra Kolasinski-Frank Marderosian, 4. Bill Bierema-Charlie Breau. Consolation: 1. Tom Cullen-Greg Marchen, 2. Jean Felske-Jo Casey, 3. Carol and Ken Maxwell.
SWCD D-13 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, January 18-19, Restricted Draw Doubles, Men (16/75), Main: 1. John Mickle-David Welsh, 2. Levi Miller-Arnie Congdon, 3. Tom Putnam-Grant Childerhose, 4. Russ Spoto-Dwayne Cross. Consolation: 1. Ralph Lozano-Jim Miller, 2. Ken Maxwell-Clarence Gingerich, 3. Al Kaleel-Rick Hall, 4 Wolter Bootsma-Bill Batdorff. Ladies(Singles, due to low entry, 12/75). Main: 1. Arlene McCague, 2. Carol Maxwell, 3. Heather Godson, 4. Shirley McCullough. Consolation: 1. Lois Wegner, 2. Cheryl Putnam, 3. Pat Tomko, 4. Linda Wallingford.
SWCD A-10 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, January 19-20, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16/75pts. Main: 1. Frank Marderosian-Mary Fowler, 2. Rick Hall-Don Trottier, 3. Thomas Nyenhuis-Steve Biscontine, 4. Rita Marderosian-Sandra Kolasinski. Consolation: 1. Larry Fowler-Tony Souza, 2. Mike Collins-Bert Fitzgerald, 3. Jim Clark-Rob Cochran, 4. Lorraine Nyenhuis-Cheri Wargo.
Today is the second day of FL P-17 at Trailer Estates, National Doubles, M/L, 75 points. Grandstand available. Also the second day of FL A-15A at Riverwoods and A-15B at Zephyrhills Shuffle Club, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 pts
Thursday, January 25 at Palmetto, SWCD D-14, Restricted Draw Doubles, 16/75 points, with lunch available.
Friday, January 26 at Palmetto, SWCD A-11, Draw/Any Doubles, 16/75 pts., lunch
. Shuffle School at Bradenton Shuffle Club, January 20 saw 17 new Amateurs who did very well, thanks to 6 very professional instructors. This school is available to clubs with sufficient interest, which can be held at your club.
. Fun games are being held at Golf Lakes each Wed. at 6:30 p.m., Mingles format, 25 cents from losers to winners. Similar event at Trailer Estates (25 cents), Jan. 31, Feb. 24, 28, Mar 24,28.
. Mingles at Bradenton Shuffle Club most Mondays, Tuesdays, when FSA Tournament not within 75 miles.
Happy Shuffling.

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