DID U KNOW by EARL BALL?? 2018 01 24

Pic taken at a CD Club which no longer exists!! Leave the name of Club in Comments Section please.


I was missing a couple of Previews and Jerry Stannard brought me 2 that I had not read.  I just looked them over and found some interesting information!!

Did U Know that there were only 4 Districts to begin with? The Central which is pretty much the same as it is today but with more participation from Tampa. The West Coast District which is today the West, Southwest and Southern Districts.  The Southeast District which is today the Southeast and Central East Coast Districts.  The Northern District which is pretty much the same.  The northern District has been devastated by the loss of tournament sites.  Of course, the Districts were restructured as shuffleboard grew.  We are now in a shrinking mode and I guess it wouldn’t be surprising if some consolidation took place as we continue to shrink.

I read the rules and they are pretty much as they are today. They were the National Shuffleboard Association Rules and were used pretty much wherever shuffleboard is played. Today they are called the Florida Shuffleboard rules and are pretty much used around the world.
We have players that think we should lag two discs instead of four for color choice; they lagged only one in those days.
Jerry Stannard would go nuts over the way the chart was set up.  Champions were seated somewhat like the NCAA basketball tournament is seated, and if any byes existed they went to the Champions.
Earl 1-24-2018  (I am sure Earl will appreciate any comments you would like to leave in the Comment Section, below the article.)  (IF you successfully name the location of the Tournament, I will send you a couple of pic from same!! ) Stan

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7 Responses to DID U KNOW by EARL BALL?? 2018 01 24

  1. stan bober says:

    Thanks Earl for the shuffle history lesson. The Preview contains a ton of info but one has to dive into its pages and seek its data, rules, history, tips, etc. My wife Betty, being a Tournament Director and Preview Coordinator, makes it a practice to study the rules and most other things it has to offer. It seems I prefer to argue ignorantly over rules that favor my position/opinion rather than rules that are correct? Betty sure loves to open the Preview and point out my misinformation….lol


  2. Earl Ball says:

    Hi Stan Bober,
    In those days Betty would have been known as a “Tournament Manager” and a manager she would have been with divisional referees, court referees, umpires and court score keepers working for her. The one thing she wouldn’t have been doing is sweeping courts. It really bothers me that she feels she needs to do that; I just don’t think that is fair to her.


  3. stan bober says:

    Earl, I know Betty will surely appreciate your comments. She often has to sweep the courts and wax the discs along with myself or many times it won’t get done. I recall the Itn’l Tournament held at St. Pete about 4 yrs. ago in which I was one of several referees. Many courts were not swept and discs not waxed for the next day of the tournament. Betty wouldn’t think of not having the courts and disc in top quality condition for the next days play and same goes for the Prevost’s.


  4. George Adyns says:

    I believe that the pic of Earl and Jerry was taken at the former courts at Kissimmee.


  5. Mike Eak says:

    As to Shrinkage of the Shuffleboard Sport. Why is there no push to get colleges and High schools more involved to eventual form teams to compete.
    In St. Petersburg, I work at Eckerd College and if shuffleboard is mentioned the student already know and many havè played due the St. Petersburg’s free Friday night shuffle. Which attracts families which locally high schoolers know of shuffleboard too.

    If local high schools & colleges were to start competing news coverage will pick up and shrinkage may not be in our press announcements.

    Just my opinion. Now which wants to be able to claim ‘We started that?”


    • Dave Kudro says:

      Thanks for your comments. I agree, talk of shrinkage shouldn’t be a topic we should give credence to in our press announcements. Press releases should be ones that promote shuffleboard. When we dwell on the negative aspects of the progression of the sport, it portrays negative thinking. I always remember motivational speaker Zig Ziglar refer to negativity as “Stinkin Thinkin”
      I love your ideas on high schools and colleges to start competing and news coverage will pick up. Being on your FB friend list, I can see your love and enjoyment towards shuffleboard and the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club. As Florida Shuffleboard President, I would be happy to meet with you and anyone you know that could help begin competition at the high school and colleges. Maybe there are some Alums from surrounding Colleges,you know from the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club that could form an exploratory committee to make it a reality.
      David Kudro FSA President.


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