They say if you want to really ‘learn’ the game, then watch the best. There were several to pick from this week at the Florida National Tournament held at Trailer Estates in Bradenton. The two that caught my eye were Dave Minnich & Phil Rebholz. Here are two veteran Hall of Fame players whose strategic play parallels their skills. Watching knowledgeable players like these two manipulate the ‘Board’ and their opponent is certainly a ‘learning experience.’ Phil and partner Al Dronsfield did take First Place by downing Dave and his partner Dwayne Cross in the finals. (Pic of Phil and Al at top.)

On the Ladies side, the ‘Powerhouse Duo’ of Dianna Allen & Helen Biaggi blew thru this tournament to take First Place honors without losing a game! Pic of Dianna and  Helen at top.) . Other lady players can also learn by watching these two. Taking second was the fine team of Rosemary Otmar and Pamela Hill.

Tournament Directors were Dolores Brown & Jo Miller.

NOTE: 8 of the 16 finalists in the Men’s division were Hall of Fame players. In the Ladies division, their were just 3, thus indicating a great group of ‘Up & Coming’ Lady players competing today.

Reporting for the FSA, Ron Nurnberger. Posted 2018 01 25

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