Northern District: Report by Al Dronsfield. 2018 01 27

Allen Dronsfield Reports: What a week it has been, traveling to Trailer Estates and spending three nights in a motel I had the great pleasure of partnering with Phil Rebholz in the Florida National Dbls. This was the first time Phil and I had played together and what an inaugural run it was as Phil and I pulled off a 1st. place finish.

Capping off the week by playing the Pro Only Draw and the Amateur Only Draw at Leesburg I partnered with Arnie Fischbach from the Deland club to win another this week. Many good teams came out of the draw at both levels. Jack Wooten directed the event and the Leesburg SBC sponsored the event. We had 17 teams in the Amateur event and 21 teams in the Pro’s. Many sustained battles occurred at both levels and in the end here are the results.

Amateur’s Draw
1st. Paul Hodges/Ron Bodo —————————————- Leesburg/Tavares
2nd. Roger Brown/Mark Goetzinger ——————————- Leesburg/Hawthorne
3rd. Richard Kanan/Bill Jones ————————————– Leesburg/Hawthorne
4th. Barbara Rush/Jeff Geesey ———————————— C/M-Leesburg

1st. Tom Bassner/Wayne Carpenter —————————— HTR/Hawthorne
2nd. Richard Ingram/DeWayne Toomey ————————– Leesburg/Clermont
3rd. Judy Kolczynski/Zack Wonson ——————————- Clerbrook/C/M
4th. Danny Richards/Louise Donnelly —————————- Clerbrook/Deland

Pro Draw
1st. Allen Dronsfield/Arnie Fischbach —————————- Tavares/Deland
2nd. Rick Enright/Chuck Brayman ——————————— Tavares/Hawthorne
3rd. George Snyder/Leaping Lew Kagan ———————— Clermont/Leesburg
4th. Gail Howell/Fred Neumann ———————————— Leesburg

1st. Dave Dean/Jan Dally ——————————————– Leesburg/Deland
2nd. Richard Burchardt/Andy Serina ——————————- Parkwoods Oaks
3rd. Lorraine Layton/Walt Bartels ———————————- Tavares/Deland
4th. Felix Piscitelli/Howard Chambers —————————- C/M-Inverness

Great job to all and as a reminder – Monday at Hawthorne is a State Amateur tournament followed by a northern district tournament on Thursday at Orange City, this is a Pro/Am Draw.
At the Pro level Monday has us at Betmar.
Reported by Al Dronsfield 1/27/18

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