Two Amateur Tournaments on Monday, both open to All Amateurs!! Select one, and ENJOY!!

On Monday, 2018 01 29 there are two State Amateur Tournaments open to all Amateur Shufflers in the STATE!! One in Hawthorne, one in Paradise Bay, A16A/B.  BOTH are ANY DOUBLES!!   

Both Tournaments are Any Doubles. Lunch is available in Hawthorne. Lunch is NOT available in Paradise Bay. Depending on your desire; depending on your distance, PICK ONE AND PLAN TO ENJOY!! Just in case you are not familiar with the location of either, A16A/B go here and click on either Hawthorne or Paradise Bay. (You will be able to download the directions to your phone.)

By the way; I invite you to share your experience shuffling in a “State” Amateur Tournament; a Monday Tournament!!  President Dave Kudro is anxious to receive your input, your suggestions!!  If you believe things” are perfect, please tell us!!  If you believe change is required, please tell us that also!!!  You may leave your message in the Comments Section on the blog, OR, mail them direct to me at  I will pass them along to President Dave.

Stan McCormack. 2018 01 20.

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