DID YOU KNOW?? by State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe.

S L O W   P L A Y

We all recognize that slow play by certain individuals has become detrimental to the sport.

We often see players in the semi-finals or finals who forfeit a match due to the frustration of waiting on slow players. That, in turn, results in the slow players winning a position that they may not have earned. However, we also recognize that there are at least three factors that may contribute to an unusually long match.

The first situation involves a very close match between players of like ability where everyone is playing expeditiously but scores are not advanced due to good play. Little can be done under those circumstances beyond encouraging the players to expedite the game.

The second situation involves overt acts to delay the game which are covered and penalized under Rule C-14

The third situation involves a player or players who are just too slow in the execution of the steps necessary to the play of the game, for example: taking an unnecessarily long time to complete their practice rounds, failing to get up and gather the discs quickly after a half-round is completed, checking multiple drift charts before executing a shot, constantly taking an excessive amount of time in contemplation and execution of a shot, etc. The FSA has given tournament directors wide latitude under Rules C-19 and E-2 to address this issue. For example, tournament directors may advise the player(s) to pick up the pace of their play, assign a referee to the court if necessary to insure compliance, penalize players for failure to comply, etc. Hopefully, these measures will help to speed up play to the betterment of the sport. (10/12/13)



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1 Response to DID YOU KNOW?? by State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe.

  1. Bob Jones says:

    International tournaments do just fine with their rule against using drift charts. I wonder what people think of permitting drift charts to be created during practice, and then during the games, not allow looking at drift charts between the 1st and 8th shots of a frame while shooting? Would this speed up play enough? Is it enforcable?

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