Are You Attending the 37th ISA?? You Will Be Oh So Glad If You Do!!


Great Shot of High River AB

The 37th ISA Emblem tells you a great deal!! Moving clockwise around the emblem, beginning with the date, July 15th to the 20th, 2018, followed by the description of the event,  37th ISA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, the location, HIGH RIVER ALBERTA, CANADA! Just in case you needed a reminder of where the event is, one need look no further than the Maple Leaf!  Wheat in yellow symbolizes the thousands and thousands of wheat so plentiful on Canada’s prairie provinces!!  And in July, the fields will be turning from green to the wonderful yellow shown in the emblem.  Next is the green of the Foothills; the Foothills to the Majestic Rocky Mountains!!  To top it off, the dream of every Shuffler, looking down on Foothills AB.  AND, the pic at top is precisely what one will see.

Article put together by Stan McCormack.  2018 02 01.

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3 Responses to Are You Attending the 37th ISA?? You Will Be Oh So Glad If You Do!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    I will be there competing with my silver defending Brazilian team. This will be my 20th ISA performance.!


  2. stanistheman says:

    Michael: Fantastic!! I am, LIKE SO MANY, happy to see that Brazil CONTINUES TO SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL SHUFFLEBOARD!!! Just may to see you there!! Stan


  3. Muriel and Murray Burnett says:

    We look forward to coming to High River, Alberta, and supporting this wonderful event.


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