(2) CDP15: ProStateAm Draw Doubles Hosted by Lakeland!! 75 Points or 16 Frames.

Glenda Brake Earns Entry INTO CD HOF!!

Glenda Brake Makes the CD HOF!! (See top pic.) HOWEVER; she had a partner, and that partner was none other than Pauline Murphy!! GLENDA BRAKE EARNS HER 100TH POINT FOR CD HALL OF FAME. Congratulations on a great accomplishment. Glenda and her partner Pauline Murphy prevailed in placing 1st after some close games which often were won on the last shot.
In the 1st day of the tournament one game was won when Murphy put two of her opponent’s disks in the kitchen and held a 7 with her last disk. The 2nd day of the tournament was no less exciting. In the last frame of the 3rd game with Brake/ Murphy being down 18 points with her last disk Glenda put her opponent in the kitchen and held an 8 to tie the game.

It was a great match with Pat Stockman and Barbara Fournier barely losing in extra frames, placing 2nd. (Results not yet posted. 16:05 Stan)
Pix and Narrative, Sent Along by Pauline Murphy With Thanks. Stan McC. 2018 02 02

Placing 1st; Gary McGaffey and Walt Shine.Walt Shine and Gary McCaffrey and Paul Prescott and Bob Marshman placed 2nd. The final match went 3 games and the third game was close all the way with just a 5 point lead going to the foot in the last frame, Paul Prescott and Marshman leading. McCaffrey had the last shot and was able to clear a 10 and hold the score to defeat their opponents by 5 points.

Sent along by Earl Ball.  2018 02 03.


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2 Responses to (2) CDP15: ProStateAm Draw Doubles Hosted by Lakeland!! 75 Points or 16 Frames.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Congratulations Glenda. You;ve worked hard for this honour. Enjoy!


  2. Max and Ruth says:

    Well done Glenda.


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