FSA State Amateur tournament 16A was held at Paradise Bay January 29th!

Jerry (HOF) and Marilyn Everett

FSA State Amateur tournament 16A was held at Paradise Bay January 29th!

Many smaller clubs ‘host’ State Tournaments, and one that has some History and ‘Character’ is Paradise Bay in the SWC District. Although the player turnout is somewhat small some years, they get ‘Kudo’s’ for continued support for the FSA and their need for ‘host’ sites.

BUT DID U KNOW their strong background? Jerry (HOF) and Marilyn Everett (pictured here) have given lessons to park players and others anywhere in the SWCD whenever asked. They coordinate the State Amateur Tournament at Paradise Bay and have developed many of are SWCD good players. They also spearheaded in years past the Wednesday afternoon ‘Manatee League’ consisting of up to 8 ‘Traveling Teams.’

Best of all is what they (Jerry & Marilyn) call their REFEREES SCHOOL. Started some ten years ago, this School’ indoctrinates new SWCD players on rules, etiquette and how to ‘referee’ tournament play if needed.

Congratulations to Paradise Bay for their ‘Important Contributions’ to State and SWCD Shuffleboard.

Reporting for the SWCD, Ron Nurnberger


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