ND Report by Al Dronsfield. ORANGE CITY!!

28 teams show up at Orange City this week for the Pro/Am Draw, unfortunately there weren’t enough amateurs to go around so as usual there were pro/pro teams for the others to deal with. This is of course the norm due to the lack of balance in the two levels.
We had Dave Martin get his last half point to move up to pro. He had been stuck for a couple weeks but with the help of Cheryl Cole he slid in safely to make it this week. Great job Dave Martin and continued success.
Orange City is an old club with a railing porch and rocking chairs, kind of like Cracker Barrel. The courts are traditionally very slow, muscle and brawn is in order to play here, give it a shove and hope something happens.
Jack Wooten was the tournament director.

1st. Stan Williamson/Patty Foster both pro’s ——————————————– Quail Hollow/Tavares
2nd. Dave Martin/Cheryl Cole am/pro —————————————————— Tavares
3rd. Bob Robinson/Rodney Lewis pro/am ———————————————— Hawthorne/Deland
4th. Ron Raymond/Paul Hodges pro/am ————————————————– C/m – Leesburg

1st. John Giumarra/Jim Applebee pro/am ———————————————— Deland
2nd. Carol Helfer/Bonnie Radke pro/am ————————————————— Leesburg/C/M
3rd. Lew Kagan/Zack Wonson pro/am —————————————————- Leesburg/C/M
4th. Walt Bartels/Donna Lewis pro/am —————————————————- Deland

Nothing much will change next week as the Any Dbls tournament will move up the street to Deland, slow courts again will be the norm, eat your Wheaties.
On the state side, State Sponsored Red Line Dbls. held at Lakeland

Reported by Al Dronsfield 2/3/18

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2 Responses to ND Report by Al Dronsfield. ORANGE CITY!!

  1. David Martin says:

    Thanks for the kudos Al & thanks to Cheryl Cole for putting up with me!


  2. Earl Ball says:

    Nice coverage Al! The Northern District is fortunate you are willing to do this promotional work. I don’t know what else is going on along the lines of promotion in your district but as we all know that is the priority of FSA President Dave Kudro.

    Liked by 1 person

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