There is A Good Deal Going On in the CD of the FSA.

ON MONDAY, Feb 5th at 333 Pomegranate Ave, Sebring: This is the only Amateur “State” Tournament in Florida!! Monday  Feb. 5th. 

These “guys” will keep your Courts Clean!!

If you have shuffled at Sebring, you will want to return!! If you have NOT, please come and enjoy our hospitality; our great food, and our many Courts!!
As this is an “Any Doubles” Event, why not enter with your favorite shuffler, male or female!! Be sure and tell your Friends!! Not everyone reads ????
Click here for “State Info.” plus driving directions:
HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!! 2018 02 04

P19 STATE SPONSORED Doubles, Men and Women. No Lunch Available.  Lakeland: 820 E. Robson St. Lakeland. 

Heartland Senior Games Event at Avon Park on Tuesday, Feb 06th.

This event was so popular last year, that Heartland Games Ambassador Neil Simpson had to find a larger venue!!  Avon Park came through!!  109 East Main St. Avon Park.

I believe you have to Pre-register, but you may wish to drop in; watch what makes this event so attractive, and think of registering for the Next Event!!  Neil will be there! Neil will  have registration forms!!  There is lots of good seating at Avon, and good food for sale!!!

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2018 02 04


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