Let’s All Welcome Marlene Eck; A New Contributor to the BLOG!!

My name is Marlene Eck and I have been asked by the Lee County Shuffleboard Club to try and get some news of our club posted to your blog. I would appreciate it if you would let me know what is and what sort of things your readers would be interested in learning about our area and shuffleboard club. Here is an article which I hope your readers enjoy!!

Stan speaks:  Marlene: What you have written is fully acceptable.  We are definitely interested in RESULTS, however; bits of information about your Club, your Area, and Shufflers themselves, make the article COME ALIVE.  MOST OF ALL, we welcome new contributors!!  WE WELCOME YOU!!  Perhaps next time, soon I hope, you will include a pic. of yourself.  AND JUST POSSIBLY, of your first place finisher. Human interest stories are also desirable.

Southwest Florida shufflers took full advantage of the nice weather to enjoy a day (or two) of Lee County Shuffleboard Club tournament play. The play was pleasant but fierce and a good time was had by all. Results of the tournament are:


1st Tom Mason and Barbara Burk
2nd Wally Thyssen and Ivan Lam
3rd Maureen Bryan and Betty Lam
4th Chuck Wilson and John Holder


1st Cecile Messier and John Eck
2nd Carol Healey and Walter Kubitschek
3rd Phil Teson and Lenore Holder
4th Jan Thyssen and Jerry Hetmanek

Thanks for your consideration.

Marlene Eck.  Posted 2018 02 06

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1 Response to Let’s All Welcome Marlene Eck; A New Contributor to the BLOG!!

  1. Good job Marlene.


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