John Brown’s Newspaper Report. 2018 02 07

Players are already receiving next season’s schedules for the Florida and Southwest Coast District. Some radical departures deserve consideration, so here goes.
A huge surprise is that ten of 16 Amateur Tournaments in this district are Mingle/Mingle. District President Jerry Stannard says that sponsoring clubs offered that many, so that is what we have next season.
The schedule next year is made up of tournaments offered by host clubs in the formats offered and accepted. Mingles have been offered in evening (non-sanctioned – no points) settings, and club play which seem to be prospering. But this will be the first season where competition uses Mingle/Mingle. Mingles is a game where you draw for a spot, and the player at the other end becomes your partner for that game. The games may be played as singles or doubles, and some settings have kept track of points; others have kept track of the number of wins. This columnist has enjoyed Mingles as fun games, but does not yet know what recordkeeping scheme will be used next season. It may be interesting, to say the least.
One advantage would be, no partner must be brought to enter – you will find out after the draw. A disadvantage might be that some players like to partner with a friend or spouse. One hopes we can all work and play together for the good of our sport.
Monday, Jan 29, FL P-18A at Betmar, M/L, Open Doubles, 75 points. Men Main: 2. Dave Kudro-Ron Nurnberger.
Monday, Jan. 29, FL A-16A at Paradise Bay, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points. Main: 1. Bernie Broda-Steve Biscontine, 2. Kay Lynn Duncan-Charlotte Broda, 3. Mike Collins-Frank Marderosian, 4. Jim Clark-Don Sprague. Consolation: 1. Patrick Antaya-Janice O’Sullivan, 2. Marilyn Rotman-Elaine Antaya, 3. Wilma and Linden Terwilliger, 4. Ken and Carol Maxwell.
Thursday, Feb. 1, SWCD at Bradenton, Open M/L Doubles, 75 points. Men Main: 1. Ron Nurnberger-Jerry Everett, 2. Grant Childerhose-Levi Miller, 3. Peter Berg-Joe Carpentier, 4. Steve Slaughterbeck-Arnie Congdon, Consolation: 1. Darrell Blake-Bob Kendall 2. Phil Booher-Paul Knepper, 3. Dwayne Cross-Dave Minnich, 4. Russ Spoto-Ken Maxwell. Ladies Main: 1. Kay Lynn Duncan-Arlene McCague, 2. Evelyn White-Heather Godson, 3. Pam Nurnberger-Marlene Coburn, 4. Lois Wegner-Margaret Hartzler. Consolation: 1. Terri Smith-Marilyn Everett, 2. Cindy Slaughterbeck-Kathy Laver, 3. Dian Darrah-Carol Maxwell, 4. Shirley McCullough-Judy Cross.
Friday, Feb. 2, at Bradenton, SWCD A-12, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16 frames/75 pts. Main: 1. Tony Souza-Jim Lessard, 2. Rick Hall-Gordon Fethke, 3. Mary Fowler-Frank Marderosian, 4. Gene Korpusik-Sam Chalton. Consolation: 1. Ray and Cathy Lawson, 2. Ken Laver-Mary Federation, 3. Mike Collins-Bill Bierema, 4 Janet Eisses-Martha Kaufman.
Today is the second day of FL P-19 at Lakeland, Open M/L Doubles. State-Sponsored, 75 points . Today is also the second day of FL A-17 at Sebring, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.
Thursday, Feb. 8 at Bradenton, SWCD D-16, Open M/L Doubles, 75 pts. Friday , Feb. 9 at Bradenton, A-13, Draw Doubles, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16 frames/75 pts.
Next Monday, Feb/ 12 at Golf Lakes, FL P-20A, P-20B at Leesburg, M/L Open Doubles, 75 points.
Next Tuesday, Feb.13 at Golf Lakes, FL A-18, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.
. Active player Wolter Bootsma of Tidevue Estates in Ellenton passed this life due to a sudden heart attack last week. Walter and his wife Shirley emigrated from the Netherlands as young people and settled in Ontario. Both are good shufflers, even playing in the International competition on the team of their country of origin, Netherlands Both are well-liked in this District, where they have been making friends for about a decade. We offer our sympathy to Shirley and her family.
. Gib Stannard, age 103 and 2 months suffered a fall last week, but is recovering nicely.
Happy Shuffling.

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