Glenna Earl Reports: Her “Para 4” Says It All!!!

Thurs and Friday there was a District Amateur Tournament held at Forest Lake Estates which brought out many new shuffleboard players (57 in fact) many of whom have never even tried a tournament before, as well as some more “seasoned” folks who wanted to try their hand at this new modified format. Many were students in the classes we have been instructing in the Zephyrhills area this year.

The first day was Single/Mingles draws for each of 6 games and at the end of the day the scores were tallied and those who had the most wins for the entire 6 games, and there were 3 who did manage to do just that!!!, were called back to play the 2nd day.

David Earle was the TD and he asked the top 16 players from Day 1 to return for Friday. The President of the FLE club, Davis Bryans, was #17. But being the good sport that he is, agreed to be there in the AM in case someone was unable to attend. He never left all day and was very helpful in getting things done.

What wonderful games we watched being played throughout this Tournament. To see the excitement and focus on the faces of these new players made us realize that as we “older” shufflers are already aware of the joy of the game, this is a new generation of keen shufflers ready to take on the thrill of competition with dignity and grace.

Our “hats are off” to those who participated and placed in the 2-day event.
I know we will be seeing all of you on the courts in the future.

Following are the pictures which were taken by Herman Guilbeault.
Submitted by Glenna Earle.  Stan speaks: My apologies to the Consolation  Winners! I COULD NOT, for technical limitations, post your pix the same size as the Main!! Click on any pic to expand.

Main, 1st; Neil and John

Main-2nd- Angie Meldrum & Fred Ritzman

Main-3rd-Diane Beaulier & Gerrit Dykman

Main-4th- Bob Rose & Merv Lambe

Cons-4th- Mary Bryans & Bob Maine

Cons-1st- David VanWagnen & Steve Worcester


Cons-3rd-Gerald Tacey & Charlie Cull

Cons-2nd-Lorraine Merrifield & Bev Disheau


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3 Responses to Glenna Earl Reports: Her “Para 4” Says It All!!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Thanks for posting Stan.


  2. gerdykman says:

    Thank you Glenna for this beautiful report


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