Alan Dronsfield of Northern District Reports.

Alan Dronsfield Reports:  This week in the Northern District 30 teams showed up at Deland. Weather was a brief factor as a light mist rolled in shortly after lunch breaks.
But back to work afterwards and it slowed the courts down even more due to the moisture.
Next week the Northern District will move to the Mid-Fl. Lakes facility for the last of the Mixed Dbls. of the season. Lunches served court side. It will be another full week of shuffling after the state tournament on Monday and Tuesday at Leesburg.
The results are as follows from Deland.

1st. Frank Cherill/Christine Giumarra ——————————————– Leesburg/Deland
2nd. Bob Metz/John Giumarra —————————————————– Deland
3rd. Dennis Buelk/Tom Rimmer ————————————————— C/M
4th. Rex Galusha/Walt Vilk ——————————————————— C/M

1st. Cheryl Cole/Jan Dally ———————————————————- Leesburg/Deland
2nd. Philip Wade/Barbara Rush ————————————————— C/M
3rd. Randy & Bonnie Radke ——————————————————- C/M
4th. Edna Triplett/Dee Metz ——————————————————– C/m/Deland

Reported by Al Dronsfield 2/11/18

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