There is “A Whole Lot A Happening” in the Central District of the FSA!!


The Central District has been attracting a significant number of novice Shufflers, either to “Invitational Events” or to formal/sanctioned District Amateur Tournaments!! All responsible for this regenerative activity are to be congratulated.

The Board of the Central District has demonstrated positive support for such activity and it is expected that The District will begin to see greater participation in all Tournaments!! I wrote that on Feb 19th of 2015!! Perhaps someone will do the research to determine if my expectation had any merit????
This Thursday, 2018 02 15, at Winter Haven, there will be a MIXED BOUBLES OPEN.

A Mixed Doubles Open is open to all Shufflers without regard to classification. The single limiting factor is the requirement for the two Players to be of opposite sex!!
It is not often that the CD holds such a Tournament; why not turn out and see just how enjoyable such an event can be!!! New Shufflers; you have been hearing and reading a good deal about Winter Haven. Now is your chance to check out the facility, and more importantly, check out the leaders of the Club, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, check out the courtesy and friendliness of all Shufflers present!! Sounds like a good opportunity to do all Three!
If you have never been to Winter Haven, here is the address (for your GPS) 250 South Lake Silver Drive NW, Winter Haven, FL. If you know of another Shuffler who just may not read this announcement, why not send the page along to him/her????
ANOTHER PLUS!! During the Opening, you will be told about the CD HALL OF FAME, and HALL OF FAME CLISSIC, an Annual “Fun No Points” event which will take place on March 9th, 2018. If you wish to get to know the Central District, listen carefully to the Description of the Hall of Fame Classic, and for sure, find  time to go into our Hall of Fame; it is in the same building as  the Hall in which we will meet.

The Central District also has a Virtual Hall of Fame; in fact, the very first District to  have same.  Here you will be able to both see those inducted into our HOF, as well as read their supporting remarks!!  Click here:  This year the following shufflers will be inducted: Linda Marshman, Pat Stockman, Doug Stockman, Bob Hoskins, Glenda Brake, and Glenna Earle.

Some additional history regarding the CD HOF:  Do hope you will enjoy.   TRF 2 To Glenn Monroe  NOTE: These remarks were written in 2009.  See pic of 2007-2008 CD Board, at top.

Posted by Stan McCormack on 2018 02 13



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