Left-Right: Second Place, Pam Nurnberger & Arlene Guerrini. First Place, Alice Enos & Terri Smith. NOTE: TERRI SMITH IS AT 199-ONE MORE TERRI!

Left-Right: Second Place, Dwayne Cross & Ron Nurnberger. First Place, Dave Minnich & Earl Ball

NOTE: I have always heard people use the term ‘Pinhead,’ and I finally think I found one (look over Dwayne Cross left shoulder).

NOTE 2: Kudo’s to Golf Lakes (President Nelson Kellogg) for a job well done and AGAIN GO TERRI SMITH, ‘ONE’ MORE POINT

Ron Nurnberger Speaks: As Earl Ball walked off the courts after winning another tournament, he said don’t forget to mention that ‘Old Guys’ still rule.

Although a lot has been written about these ‘Old Guys’ (and Gals) doing so well this year in State and Local tournaments such as Phil Rebholz and Dave Minnich, I beg to slightly differ. These players bring a level of expertise the rest of us need to take note of. I have personally shuffled against both men and am becoming a student of their skills.  Many Veteran Men and Women Shuffleboard players in Florida defy their ‘Age’ many times over, and we should congratulate and learn from them!  Ron Nurnberger. 2018 02 14 20:10  Go here for complete Results:  http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/P20A_Results.txt 


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