Lights ON!!!

Nelson Kellogg on left; Frank Mardeosian on right.

Another ‘GEM” in the SWC District. Those who Shuffle Locally and State-Wide know the reputation and quality of shuffleboard at GOLF LAKES in the SWCD. They shuffle daily at 1 PM, host FSA and SWCD Tournaments, while also playing in The Manatee Wednesday Traveling League (directed by Frank Mardeosian at right in pix).

By thinking “Out of The Box,” Golf Lakes May have solved a common (amateur players) concern. We all know Amateurs are hesitant to compete in some shuffleboard venues because they don t want to get beat so bad they are embarrassed!

But GOLF LAKES came up with a new format that has become ‘Popular’ with area amateurs. First of all they play Tuesday Nights under the lights (see pix).

Buts it’s the FORMAT that is popular. No TEAM can be ahead by more than “30 Points” in the 16 frame game. Pro at one end and amateur at the other (when possible). Therefore, your ‘Team’ is always in the game and has a chance for success. Nelson Kellogg (at left in pix) has been the ‘Driving Force’ as President of the Golf Lakes Shuffle Club off and on for many years. But this may be one of the ‘Best Suggestions’ he and his Board have come with.

Reporting for the SWCD, Ron Nurnberger

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  1. Earl Ball says:

    Good thinking guys!


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