An Update on 97 Year Old “Friend of the CD”, Austin McDoanld!!

Austin McDonald’s  daughter, Irene speaks on 2018 01 28:

Thank you Stan. My dad lives in a retirement home now where they look after him very well. He will be 97 in a few weeks! He doesn’t get around easily. Needs a walker to help him but still likes to go out to Swiss Chalet for a chicken dinner! He is doing quite well considering his age. He often talks about his shuffling days, including the various partners he had over the years. It is amazing that he cannot manage memories of the recent past but can discuss activities and tournaments from his days in Florida! Thank you for thinking of him. Not sure too many players are still around that remember him and my mom. Cheers, Irene McDonald Pollock.  

Austin McDonald Warmly Greeted
On His Visit To Winter Haven in 2012.

Austin Welcomed to Winter Haven in 2012, by the Tates and the Browns.

The Browns and the Tates were the first to welcome Austin to Winter Haven, FL on 2012 02 16. Austin, invited by the Central District, arrived just after 8 a.m., visited our Hall of Fame and then moved to the auditorium where he was warmly greeted by many members who had either played with Austin, played against Austin, or had been taught how to play by Austin.

It did not take long for Earl Ball, Henry Strong, and Jerry Stannard to find their way to Austin’s table. See pic on right.

Central District President David Earle welcomed Austin and highlighted both his significant contribution to shuffleboard, especially the Central District, as well as reminding the audience of his equally impressive win record as evidenced by the number of Halls of Fame Austin may be found.


Winter Haven Membership Welcomes Austin!! 2012 Mixed Event

Pic on right is of the Membership giving Austin an enthusiastic round of applause. Later, on the courts, Paul Prescott visited with Austin and shared Shuffleboard History > no doubt to the delight of both. I had spent an hour and a bit with Austin the preceding day was amazed by the ease with which he recalled not only names of those with whom he played, but many of the shots made!! Stan McCormack. 2012 02 16.

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4 Responses to An Update on 97 Year Old “Friend of the CD”, Austin McDoanld!!

  1. Pat Batdorff says:

    I sure do remember Austin and your mom too. Irene, ask your dad if he remembers me. He would know me as Pat Whitaker, now Pat Batdorff. Time sure flies. Happy birthday to your dad.

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  2. Gus Bondi says:

    I remember Austin very well from my Winter Haven day’s when we lived there.He was one of my teachers and he taught me a lot about the game.I still have hand written notes from him about the strategy of the game.
    All’s we had to do was call him and he would be there for practice in the morning to play a match and teach us.
    My only regret was that I never played a match with him.
    A real great gentleman on and off the courts.

    Gus Bondi

    Sent from my iPad

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  3. Glen Peltier. says:

    Austin and I made pro the same year. We played many tournaments together and against each other .He was a great player as his wife Winnie was. They were both instrumentel in bringing shuffleboard to Canada. They were both stars on the Canadian International team competing around the world. Both played on the Alphonse Marchand farm playing on the very first courts in Canada. Glen Peltier.

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  4. Max and Ruth says:

    Great to hear that Austin is doing well at the ripe old age of almost 97. He & Winnie were strong supporters of the Central District Pro Masters for several years. We wish him a happy birthday.

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