Remembering Two Great Supporters of Shuffleboard!! We Look Back.

The Lafertys, Audrey and Vince.

Vince Laferty passed away on February 17th, 2005.
Given the very significant contribution Vince and Audrey have made to shuffling, THE SHUFFLER thought it appropriate to post an article we had on the SITE during the fall of 2005. Here is the article:


Glenn Monroe, the current President of Lakeland Shuffleboard Club, and Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER, believed it would be entirely appropriate to recognize two Lakeland Club Members who have done a great deal for the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club, and continue to provide strong support for the Club. The two people in question ~~ Vince and Audrey Laferty. Vince and Audrey are in reasonable health, both continue their active involvement in shuffling by participating in Lakeland Club events as well as giving strong support to the Inter-park league in this area. For the few Shufflers who may not know, Audrey was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2002 in the player category.Audrey Lafferty Vince was inducted in 1995 under the Special Award Category. A

“Old Lakeland Courts”

review of the Preview article announcing Vince’s induction tells us something about the individual. It was indeed a Record of Service to his fellow shufflers, and especially his home club of Lakeland.
Together, they continue to sponsor two major tournaments at their home Club, Lakeland ~~ The Full Moon M/L Doubles and a Pro and State Am. Draw Doubles event later in the season. The Lakeland Shuffleboard Club takes this opportunity to showcase the contribution made by Vince and Audrey, players who continue to demonstrate active support to the game, even as they themselves drawback from the more competitive aspects. Vince also served as President of New Jersey and during his term, NJ hosted the ISA Games. At time of writing, Audrey’s New Jersey point total exceeded 700 points, Vince’s exceeded 500, and points continue to be added!! NOT BAD!! When asked if he could recall one particular thing in his shuffling career, Vince’s first thought was the care of the Lakeland courts over a 20 year period. He did this along with fellow member Norm Krager. To recall court care as a highlight is indicative of the emphasis that Vince has given to Shuffleboard. Vince and Audrey continue to be active and successful shufflers. They are regulars at the Lakeland courts. Additionally, they are sought after to represent Woodall’s Mobile Home Village in the Inter-park league. We know that Shuffling has been and continues to be a big part of their lives. May it continue. Vince and Audrey have given generously to the sport they love. Our sincere thanks and sincere appreciation for all that you have done for the Lakeland Club, and for shuffling and shufflers everywhere.

Signed at Lakeland this sixth day of December, 2004.
Glenn Monroe: President Lakeland Shuffleboard Club. Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER.

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1 Response to Remembering Two Great Supporters of Shuffleboard!! We Look Back.

  1. douglas schmitt says:

    I find myself in tears remembering my good friend and doubles partner for many years. Thank you for publishing this wonderful article. I know there are not many posthumous awards presented in shuffleboard but I would like to suggest that Audrey has long been overlooked for the National HOF for all that she accomplished and perhaps it would be just reward for all of Vince’s service to see his wife inducted. The first couple of New Jersey shuffleboard.


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