A19A State (Amateur) Tournament hosted by Sebring!!!

Bill Courtney and Graham Conrad

Sebring President Harold Comeau

Jack Norton and Pierre Marcotte

23 Teams competed in this State Mixed Doubles, Amateur Tournament. This is “above the norm” for this season, for State AM Events. 

Sebring Club President Harold Comeau, centre pic on top, did a fine job for the Opening.  State Director Larry Brown spoke, informing those present that the FSA President Dave Kudro had “things in mind for Amateurs”.  Larry then went on to invite comments from the audience, and encouraged them to pass their suggestions along to their District Officers.  Also present was State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe. Glenn too, addressed the Shufflers, as did TD Cheryl Conkle.

Top pic, on the left.  This is the very first sanctioned Tournament for Bill and Graham. Up until this, they had limited their shuffling activity to Park and Inter Park Shuffling, as well as competing in the Heartland Senior Games.  Bill and Graham are from Adelaide Shores of the Central District.  IT IS A SMALL WORLD: Bill lives in OH as does TD Cheryl Conkle.  IN FACT, their properties touch!!!!  Bill explained that his Grandfather was the motivating factor, to get him involved in shuffling.  His grandfather had played in Bradenton for years; Bill had acquired that same love for the game.  ((Click on any pic to expand.))

Graham, a Canuck from Dartmouth Nova Scotia, became involved with the Adelaide Shores Club and  very much enjoyed the company of those he met on the Courts!!  He is here to-day with one of those friends!!

I am highlighting Jack Norton and Pierre Marcotte, pic top right, AS THEY ARE THE ONLY TEAM FROM OUTSIDE THE CENTRAL DISTRICT!!  Jack and Pierre are from North Fort Myers.    Pierre is in green, Jack in red.  “Hats Off” to each of you.

Stan McCormack. 2018 02 19.





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