Ever Been to the Jacaranda Hotel in Avon Park??

Shufflers Lunch at the Jacaranda Hotel in Avon Park

Historical Jacaranda Hotel

On Sunday, Feb 18th, 2018,  eight Shufflers enjoyed a delightful Lunch at the historical Jacaranda Hotel in Avon Park.  The Jacaranda Hotel is about 200 feet from the Avon Park Club.

Going around the table where Stan would sit, we have Lois, wife of Stan McCormack, Imee and Tom Clayton; Tom is  President of Avon Park Shuffleboard Club;  Ruthie Brown sitting next to Larry Brown, a Director of  the FSA; Harold Comeau, President of Sebring Shuffleboard Club, is hidden between Larry and Rosemary Comeau; Rosemary is Treasurer of the Sebring Club.

The host of the Sunday Grand Buffet is Sharon Schuler, Hotel Manager, and former Mayor of Avon Park. I introduced all, with the emphasis on Shuffleboard.  When I served as President of Avon Park, Sharon and I had a good relationship.  She announced on Sunday that they now have a Seafood Buffet on Friday Evenings.  If it as good as the Sunday Brunch,  you may wish to try it!!!

Stan McCormack.  2018 02 19.   May wish to go here: https://theshuffler.net/2015/12/13/the-shidlers-comment-on-their-jacaranda-experience/  and/or https://theshuffler.net/2015/12/06/why-not-consider-having-lunch-on-tuesday-at-the-jacaranda-hotel-in-avon-park/  and do enjoy.

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